Engineering Employment

Aerospace Manufacturing Technician

The core responsibility of this position is to contribute to the production of a wide range of products and fluidic components for the aerospace industry.

Specifically, the role focuses on supporting routine business operations related to the assembly, integration, and testing of space-certified products, including non-return valves, flow control valves, solenoid valves, cold gas thrusters, and upcoming development projects.

Prior experience as a Mechanical Fitter or demonstrable practical engineering skills, preferably acquired through an apprenticeship or within an engineering-related organization.

Primary Duties

Perform precise assembly and testing tasks.

Conduct integrity assessments of assembled systems using high-pressure gases and specialized leak detection equipment, such as helium mass spectrometers.

Prepare components for assembly and testing by employing automated particle counting equipment or patch sample counting techniques.

Utilize digital voltmeters, oscilloscopes, data acquisition systems, and high-voltage dielectric and insulation resistance test equipment.

Engage in material joining processes, including manual TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding and orbital welding, while maintaining weld inspection records for parts and test pieces.

Perform periodic maintenance of cleanroom facilities and testing equipment.

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