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Space Thruster Test Engineer

Hot Fire Space Thruster Test Engineer required join a very busy space thruster test facility focusing on Hot Fire Testing programmes.

The ideal candidate will understand space thruster theory particularly the ground test of thrusters for the design and manufacture of liquid propellant and high pressure gas feed systems.

You will have an input to Research and Development and other space propulsion related activities so need to be proficient in analysing and assessing test data including collation and analysis then presentation graphs, tables, etc.


Space thruster Knowledge

Understand propellant MIL spec analysis, Military Standard Propellants

Chemical laboratory techniques and processes

Mechanical fitter/practical engineering skills preferably gained from an apprenticeship or from within an engineering related organization.


Site preparation and maintenance

Fuel and oxidiser handling

Pressure systems


Control systems

Space thruster theory

Steam boiler operation

Data analysis

Site and system safety

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