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Police National Computer Database Admin

Job Title: PNC Database Coordinator

Pay Rate: Up to £12 per hour

OVERALL PURPOSE OF THE ROLE: The overall purpose of the role is to create and maintain accurate and comprehensive records on the national database of the Police National Computer (PNC).

Additionally, the role involves researching, extracting, interpreting, and disseminating information from the PNC, Niche, and Police National Database.

KEY ACCOUNTABILITY AREAS: The key result areas in the role are as follows:

  • Create and maintain accurate and comprehensive criminal and other records on the Police National Computer (PNC) and Police National Database from various sources, such as source documents, email, Contact Management Platform tasks, or telephone interactions.

    All data entry must adhere to National Guidance, Data Protection Act, and MOPI.

  • Resolve internal and external telephone/radio inquiries related to PNC and Niche.

    Utilize knowledge and experience to identify any potential threats or risks and make appropriate decisions.

  • Provide support to operational officers, police staff, UK Forces, and Outside Agencies by promptly handling requests for services.

    Interrogate and interpret intelligence and information from relevant IT systems, applying professional judgment to evaluate threat, risk, and harm, and providing accurate information in accordance with Data Protection principles.

  • Pay particular attention to the creation of warning signals, descriptive details, addresses, and Modus Operandi Keywords essential for QUEST (Query Using Extended Search Techniques) searches.

  • Analyze information supplied for specialized PNC, Police National Database, Niche, and CMP (Contact Management Platform) requests, and conduct searches while amending data as necessary.

    Scrutinize the information returned to ensure the release of only relevant information in compliance with Data Protection principles.

  • Evaluate all messages coming into the IRB (Information Research Bureau) via the PNC, such as broadcasts or emails, and determine appropriate areas of circulation, considering the nature of the information.

  • Maintain paper and computer-based records as required to protect data, supporting PNC entries, including safeguarding issues like Non-Molestation, Restraining, and Protection Orders.

    Take necessary action in respect of printouts received from Hendon Data Centre to ensure that TVP-owned PNC entries are accurate and relevant (DAF Prints).

  • If you have the relevant skills and experience for this role, we welcome your application.

    Please submit your CV and a covering letter.

    Contact Lewis Ashcroft for more information or to apply:
    Phone: 01772 208962
    Email: our team and contribute to ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of critical law enforcement databases.

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