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Senior Events Officer

Job Title: Events and Campaigns Coordinator
Hourly Pay: £25
Job Purpose:

  • Manage and coordinate a programme of events, campaigns, initiatives, and other activities in line with Mayoral objectives, including city events, community events, cultural campaigns, major events, and exhibitions.

  • Project manage specific projects and initiatives, working with colleagues across the GLA group and organization.

  • Contribute to the development of a wider program of events and cultural campaigns, and other community initiatives in London, in line with the Mayor's Cultural Strategy and community engagement policy and priorities.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Work closely with Events Manager, Mayoral Advisers, and policy teams to develop, plan, and deliver the GLA program of events/initiatives/exhibitions.

  • Project manage specific events and initiatives by working with colleagues across the GLA Group and external stakeholders.

  • Create and maintain relationships with London-wide and national bodies to contribute to the GLA Group event program in line with Mayor's objectives.

  • Contribute to the business planning process, taking particular responsibility for the production of an annual program of major events for London according to the priorities of the Mayor, including budgetary proposals.

  • Help integrate London's cultural offer into the overall promotion and marketing of the city.

  • Monitor and evaluate project objectives and ensure appropriate action in line with the decisions of the Mayor.

  • Prepare written and oral briefings, high-level advice, and reports for the Mayor, Policy Directors, and senior managers.

  • Manage resources allocated to the post in accordance with the Authority's policies and Code of Ethics and Standards.

Technical Requirements/Experience/Qualifications:

  • Significant experience in successfully managing the planning, delivery, and stakeholder management of large public events, campaigns, and initiatives.

Behavioural Competencies:

  • Responding to Pressure and Change: Maintains a focus on key priorities and deliverables, anticipates and adapts flexibly to changing requirements, uses challenges as an opportunity to learn and improve, participates fully in change initiatives, and supports the team's well-being to cope with pressure and change.

  • Responsible use of Resources: Continually looks for opportunities to work more efficiently and sustainably, reduces team impact on the environment, improves local processes to maximize use of resources, and monitors and stays within budget at all times.

  • Planning and Organizing: Prioritizes work in line with key team or project deliverables, makes contingency plans to account for changing work priorities, deadlines, and milestones, identifies and consults with sponsors or stakeholders in planning work, pays close attention to detail, and negotiates realistic timescales for work delivery.

  • Problem Solving: Processes and distills a variety of information to understand a problem fully, proposes options for solutions to presented problems, builds on the ideas of others to encourage creative problem-solving, thinks laterally about work, and seeks the opinions and experiences of others to understand different approaches to problem-solving.

Please contact Lewis on 01772 208962 for more information or send your CV to to apply.

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