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Business Insight Analyst

Job Title: Business Insight Analyst
Salary: £36,199
Hours: 37 hours per week
Type: Permanent
Based: Sevenoaks, TN13

The role is responsible for supporting the organisation to make informed decisions based on data analysis, business insight and trends.

The Business Insight Analyst will be responsible for using multiple sources of data to spot trends to identify areas for improvement and predict future patterns.

You will need strong analytic skills to sort through complex data sets and produce reports based on your findings.

You will use customer segmentation to support decision making and use data modelling techniques to predict future trends.

You will visualise data using Power BI to ensure we present information in a user friendly format.

Role Responsibilities -

  • Develop business Insight reporting using a wide range of existing data sets to support delivery of the annual plan and wider strategic plan

  • Gather and analyse data to work with cross functional teams to identify trends and develop and investigate potential solutions including improvements to systems and process to drive business improvements.

  • Use data modelling techniques to identify ways they can operate more effectively

  • Use customer segmentation to support decision making and model behaviours

  • Analyse performance and key indicators to support end to end business improvement reviews key service areas such as repairs, arrears and compliance checks to turn insight into foresight and predict future patterns.

  • Analyse, model and visualise data by using programming languages to interrogate data in Power BI

  • Ensure compliance with the Tenant Satisfaction Measures by taking responsibility for the quarterly surveys and analysis and provide regular updates to Executive Team

  • Support delivery of the strategic plan and key programmes by analysing data where required included staff and tenant surveys

  • Provide analytic reports for senior managers and board to assist effective business decision making

Essential Criteria -

  • Proven ability to communicate clearly and use the most appropriate style and method of communication with internal and external customers and stakeholders.

  • Proven ability to take ownership of challenging and difficult conversations with customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office packages including Excel and Power BI

  • Ability to run, create and analyse reports with complex data sets.

  • Demonstrable analytic skills of complex data sets to model and visualise data

  • Ability to lead projects and support culture change programmes and motivate colleagues during periods of evolutionary change

  • Experience of managing multiple tasks in a pressured environment to deliver to deadline and priority

  • Experience of establishing effective relationships with stakeholders to further services

If you are interested in the role and meet the above criteria, please email me your CV for consideration
If you have any questions regarding this role, call Ryan at Service Care Solutions on 01772 208 966 or E-Mail

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